Strawberry Banana Sunrocks


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Our SunRocks take things a step further than the moon.

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Our SunRocks take things a step further than the moon. Made with only top-shelf OG nugs and extracts used in the process. A nug run extract is drizzled onto the nugs before a kief coating is introduced. The final product still looks like a nug from the distance. Once you touch it or look up close, you’ll notice the oil coating. At first glance, every nug should be sparkling.

We recommend using scissors to gently cut it into smaller pieces. You can then smoke it out of a pipe, bong or even a blunt wrap. Whatever your preference is, SunRocks are a step above MoonRocks in potency, so treat them that way.

Sprinkle SunRocks into a blunt full of regular weed and enhance your experience. SunRocks are made for those that want to get higher than they would with MoonRocks, but maybe not as much as doing a fat dab. If you’re an inexperienced cannabis consumer, we recommend taking caution.

1 review for Strawberry Banana Sunrocks

  1. Honeythorn (verified owner)

    Thia sunrock is a heavy hitter. Smooth.

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