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Welcome! We are thankful you have found us. All of our “first timers” receive a choice between 10% off the first order or free  *PR* flower (spend $50 get 1/8 – spend $100 get 1/4). If you spend more than $50 you will also receive our 420 Goody Box! If your daily deal choice or product has a better sale than your FT, then simply hold your discount till your next order!


As of May 10th, 2022 – Each qualifying order between $35 -$59.99 will get a FREE Edible, Orders between $60 -$74.99 will get a FREE Preroll, Orders between $75 – $124.99 get a FREE Kief Preroll, Orders greater than – $125 get a FREE 2020 Future Preroll. **FREEBIES not applicable when using 15% or greater coupons or any Daily Deal**


Welcome to customer kickbacks! Besides the 420 Goody Box we have a loyalty rewards program is designed to give you points back on all qualifying purchases. Once you have logged into the site, you will see messages below the Add To Cart button that look like this, “Purchase today and earn 20 Points toward future purchases!” The amount of points vary depending on the product total. Once your purchase is completed in the system, the points will be applied to the order. You can review your point total and point history here. You must be logged in to view the point totals and history.

NOTE* To qualify for reward points you must place the order while being logged in and not as a guest. Text orders and phone orders do not qualify for points as we cannot easily add the points to the system after the fact. 



Deals and Sales cannot be combined with coupons under any circumstance. The FTP deal can be held until second visit. Deals cannot be combined with Square or any other marketing platform promos, deals, or coupons.