OC Pharm Sour Skittles Dablicator


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Grab a dab with this easy to use dablicator that keeps your area clean.

3 in stock


Turn a sour frown sweet with a dab of OC Pharm’s Sour Skittles Dablicator. Sour Skittles boasts a sweet and citrus terpene profile. It has the mildest hint of skunky marijuana to enjoy on the exhale. As a result, this Indica-leaning Hybrid tingles the mind with a slight buzz as an intense bodily relaxation courses through every limb. OC Pharm concentrates fuse with terpenes sourced naturally from plants for strain-specific flavor. Above all, OC Pharm’s Dablicators are easy to use, highly potent, and filled with Clear distillate.


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