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Pink Guava is a balanced hybrid strain with a sweet and fruity tropical citrus flavor. It energizes the mind while relaxing the body, making it ideal for treating depression, chronic fatigue, insomnia, and pain.


Pink Guava is an evenly balanced hybrid strain created through the crossing of various fruity hybrid strains. Celebrated for its delightful flavor and stunning appearance, Pink Guava is a top choice for hybrid enthusiasts. As its name implies, this strain boasts a super sweet and fruity tropical citrus flavor with notes of guava and tree fruit. The aroma mirrors the flavor, offering a sweet and sour tropical fruity overtone with hints of tangy citrus and spicy earthiness. The Pink Guava high is equally enjoyable, providing an energizing mental boost while simultaneously relaxing the body. You’ll feel sociable and happy, effortlessly engaging in conversations and enjoying bouts of giggles.

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