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Cookie Dough, an Indica-dominant hybrid, boasts a delightful appearance with mushy crystals and a sweet, minty aroma. With THC levels reaching 25%, it offers analgesic effects, appetite stimulation, and relief from anxiety, stress, chronic pain, nausea, and insomnia.


Cookie Dough, an Indica-dominant hybrid strain, stands out with its visually appealing appearance, characterized by mushy crystals and hues of yellow and orange. Its aroma is a delightful blend of minty and sweet notes, setting the stage for its equally pleasing taste, which is predominantly sweet with hints of mint. With an impressively high THC level of 25%, Cookie Dough offers potent analgesic effects, making it beneficial for relieving chronic pain. Additionally, it serves as a neuroprotector, appetite stimulant, and anxiety suppressor, making it ideal for individuals seeking to gain weight, manage anxiety and stress, and alleviate nausea and insomnia. Some cancer patients rely on Cookie Dough for its purported anti-cancer properties. Common side effects include dry eyes and mouth, along with mild dizziness.

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