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Gary Poppins, a balanced hybrid, offers a euphoric high and relaxed body effects. Ideal for pain, stress, depression, and appetite issues.


Gary Poppins, an even blend of indica and sativa, results from crossing Gary Payton with Red Runtz strains. Despite being lesser-known than its namesake, Mary Poppins, Gary Poppins promises an exhilarating experience with just one toke. Upon exhaling, a rush of euphoria fills the mind, erasing negativity and tension. A gentle, soothing calm settles in, freeing creativity as thoughts drift away. This mental boost is complemented by a profound body relaxation, anchoring you to the present moment. Gary Poppins is favored for alleviating chronic pain, stress, depression, and appetite loss or nausea. Its flavor profile features sweet and spicy lemony candy notes with hints of fruity berries and earthy herbs. The aroma, enhanced with sharp diesel undertones, intensifies with each toke. Gary Poppins buds are dense and grape-shaped, displaying emerald green hues with deep purple undertones, accented by thin orange hairs and bright white crystal trichomes.

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