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Larry Bird Kush, a hybrid strain, offers an intense cerebral high with a minty lemony pine flavor. Perfect for treating depression, stress, and fatigue, this strain leaves you motivated, active, and social.


Larry Bird Kush is a hybrid strain named after the legendary Boston Celtics coach, Larry Bird. This potent strain is a cross between Blue Cheese, Hindu Kush, and 213 Haze. Known for its intense cerebral high, Larry Bird Kush delivers an almost instant rush of euphoria and creative energy. This potent effect can be overwhelming for some, but it leaves most users feeling motivated, active, social, and upbeat. Ideal for treating mild to severe depression, chronic stress, and fatigue, Larry Bird Kush is not recommended for those with anxiety disorders due to its strong sativa effects. The strain features a minty pine aroma and a minty lemony pine flavor with a sweet exhale. The buds are dark forest green, medium-sized, and popcorn-shaped with olive green leaves and speckled with long, thin dark and light brown hairs. A thick layer of trichomes and sweet syrupy resin completes the appearance.

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