House Crumble – Super Snow Dog


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1 Gram Premium Crumble.

Super Snow Dog, a sativa-dominant hybrid, offers powerful head-heavy effects and a sweet earthy pine flavor. Ideal for treating depression, stress, nausea, and fatigue, it stimulates creativity and focus with a mild relaxing body buzz.

44 in stock

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Super Snow Dog, also known as “Snow Dog” or “G6,” is a sativa-dominant hybrid descended from the legendary Chemdawg strain. Renowned for its powerful head-heavy effects, this strain delivers an almost immediate euphoric head rush, uplifting your mood and erasing negative thoughts. It stimulates creativity, focus, and motivation, while a mild body buzz keeps you physically relaxed and pain-free. Ideal for treating mild to moderate depression, chronic stress, nausea, appetite loss, and chronic fatigue, this strain features dense, spade-shaped dark forest green nugs with sparse amber hairs and a thick frosty coating of crystal white trichomes. Super Snow Dog’s aroma is pungent with herbal pine and sharp orange, while its flavor is a sweet earthy pine with a hint of citrus.


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