*EX* Purple Push Pop from Big Boyz Exoticz


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Experience Purple Push Pop, an exquisite hybrid created by crossing Cookies & Cream with Temple Flo. With its visually stunning appearance and delightful grape candy flavor, this evenly balanced strain offers a stimulating yet relaxing high. Ideal for treating insomnia, depression, stress, anxiety, PTSD, and mood swings.


With dense spade-shaped nugs boasting dark olive green hues, deep purple undertones, and a frosty coating of crystal trichomes, Purple Push Pop is a visual masterpiece. Unlock aromas of sweet fruity grapes and spicy black pepper as you break apart each sticky nugget. The flavor mirrors the aroma with a sweet grape candy taste accented by sugary cherries and a hint of spicy black pepper. The high, with its potent 24-25% THC level, offers a stimulating experience for the mind and soothing relaxation for the body. Creative inspiration flourishes alongside a tingly euphoria, making Purple Push Pop a favored choice for alleviating insomnia, depression, chronic stress, anxiety, PTSD, and mood swings.

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