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Discover Apple Tartz, a hybrid strain merging Apple Fritter and Runtz genetics. Bred by Big Boyz Exoticz, it boasts a delicious flavor profile with tart sour apple and creamy berry gas, complemented by hints of cookie dough and cinnamon spice. Apple Tartz offers a stunning appearance and hybrid, euphoric effects for both relaxing evenings and energetic wake and bakes.


Introducing Apple Tartz, a hybrid cannabis strain blending the genetics of Apple Fritter and Runtz, meticulously bred by Big Boyz Exoticz. This exquisite strain offers a delectable flavor profile with tart sour apple notes and creamy berry gas, accompanied by hints of cookie dough or Apple Jacks cereal and a subtle touch of cinnamon spice. Apple Tartz captivates with its stunning appearance, promising a hybrid experience that is both relaxing and balanced. Ideal for chill evenings or morning wake and bakes, this Leafly Strain of Summer 2022 is sure to become a favorite in your cannabis repertoire.

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