Smashed Plus – Neon Sour Bear Gummies – 5000 mg Edible


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Discover the neon sour delight of 5000 mg edible potency with Smashed Plus. Created with love specifically in the Los Angeles area. Each bear is dosed at 100mg with 50 pieces per package.

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Smashed Plus – Neon Sour Bear Gummies introduce a vibrant burst of flavor and potency. These mouthwatering gummies offer an extraordinary edible experience, available through 420 Nugz. Packed with THC, this 5000 mg edible delivers a fusion of bold flavors and high potency.

  • Experience 5000 mg edible potency, savoring neon sour bliss.
  • Indulge in Smashed Plus – Neon Sour Bear Gummies from 420-Nugz.
  • Elevate your edible adventure with vibrant flavors and high potency.
  • Unleash the neon sour craze, savoring every bite.
  • Order now for a journey into bold taste and heightened effects.

Crafted meticulously, each gummy delivers a neon sour explosion that delights taste buds. Smashed Plus Gummies promise an adventure in every bite, catering to both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers exploring edibles.

The 5000 mg edible potency guarantees a consistent and robust effect, catering to all tolerance levels. Indulge in the perfect balance of taste and potency while savoring these delicious gummies.

Accessing premium cannabis-infused products like Smashed Plus – Neon Sour Bear Gummies is easier than ever with 420-Nugz. Elevate your edible experience, embracing bold flavors and heightened effects. These gummies aren’t just treats; they’re obviously a journey into vibrant sensations and euphoric relaxation. Don’t miss out on this exciting addition to the 420-Nugz collection. Finally embrace the neon sour adventure today by placing your order.

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