Smashed Exotic Flower – Skywalker – 22.5%


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This product is pre-packaged, sealed, and lab tested with sticker results on container.

1 in stock


Skywalker is a indica-leaning hybrid strain with a THC count of 22.5 percent. Well loved by many for the fruity aroma and taste that is coupled with a rather mellow Indica style high. Quickly creeping in is a sense of euphoria that, while not often leading to couch-lock, will usually leave a user feeling a little lazy, perhaps even sleepy.

This strain is great for relaxation as the other cerebral effects follow, uplifting users and making them feel happy. The body high that accompanies these effects is mild in comparison to some pure Indicas but still numbingly potent, as is Skywalker’s munchies effect. Unfortunately this strain is not deprived of the usual negative effects; dry eyes and mouth, dizziness, paranoia and headaches.

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