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Sunset Sherbert, an indica-dominant hybrid, offers a sweet and fruity cannabis experience. With THC levels averaging 15-19%, it delivers an uplifting yet calming high, perfect for alleviating chronic stress, anxiety, depression, and mood swings. Enjoy its fruity cookie flavor with a hint of minty cream.


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Sunset Sherbert, also known as Gelato and Sunset Sherbet, is an indica-dominant hybrid resulting from Pink Panties crossed with Girl Scout Cookies strains. With THC levels averaging 15-19%, it presents a delectable blend of sweet and fruity flavors with hints of minty cream. The aroma is sweet and slightly pungent, with a creamy overtone accented by fruits and a touch of sharp mint. The high is uplifting and calming, beginning with an immediate euphoric lift that dispels negative thoughts and induces happiness. While initially energizing, it transitions into a sense of calm and awareness. Sunset Sherbert is an excellent choice for managing chronic stress, anxiety, depression, and mood swings. Its oversized, dense nugs boast a Christmas tree shape, minty green hue, long orange hairs, and milky white trichomes.

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