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Sour Cupcake is a cross of Sour Diesel with Kush Mints and is known for its energetic and positive effects. With candy and citrus flavors, this flower is a great choice if you need relief from arthritis or headaches.


A scent so sour you’ll swear a skunk took his shoes off right under your nose. Very tangy bouquet with distinctly sweet and creamy high notes. This flower is astounding to look at. The trichome coverage is so dense that it overpowers the leaves and pistils making these nuggets look like they were dropped on a beach made of keef. Despite this grass being absolutely dipped in trichomes it is still easy to break up by hand. This weed is so gluey and dense that after grinding it you can literally stick it all back into one siant nug and grind it again. Mellow and creamy on the pull with a charred nutty exhale terminating in oaky high notes. Sativa dominant hybrid with major soothing capabilities. Any mild muscle or Joint pains will be a distant memory after a few puffs of Sour Cupcake.

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